How AI Is Transforming Software Development?
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How AI Is Transforming Software Development?

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the branches of computer sciences that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines, thinking, and working like humans. Today we are adopting new things very fast and processes are getting faster than ever.

AI applications are visible in Amazon’s Alexa, Google Photos, and autonomous cars made by Tesla.

AI aims at helping software professionals in making quicker progress in their work.

It also helps developers to create more reliable and advanced software programs using various machine learning models. Not only in software development it helps in software testing, bug fixing, etc. Because of AI developers can save their time.

AI Integration in software development

Before getting into detail we can see real-world examples.

Stack Overflow AutoComplete

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We all are familiar with the Stack Overflow platform. There we can see the autocomplete tool is the classic example of an AI-powered software development tool. This tool will allow autocompleting fully functional code lines based on Stack Exchange data of existing code about the developer's intentions.

Google Maps

Google Maps can examine the speed of movement of traffic at any given time. Maps can reduce commutes by suggesting the fastest and short routes to and from work.

And many more like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Plagiarism Checkers, Email Spam Filters everything will use the AI.

Areas which AI is transforming the software development

The Core areas of Software Developments are Design, Testing, Automatic Code Generation, GUI Testing,  Strategic Decision Making. AI will help to transform all these areas.

Strategic Decision-Making

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It is a major part of software development. Normally, developers have to go through a long process to decide what features to include in a product. Using AI we can analyze the performance of existing applications that help both developers and business stakeholders like project managers to find solutions to maximize impact and cut risk.

GUI Testing

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) become important in interacting with today’s software. They are increasingly being used in critical systems and testing them is necessary to alert failures. With very few tools and techniques available in the testing process, testing GUIs is difficult. Applitools is a GUI tester tool that is empowered by AI. It automatically tests whether visual code is functioning properly or not.

Automatic Analytics & Error Handling

Error Handling is one of the most important aspects of software development. Programming assistants can identify common errors and flag them automatically during the development phase. Once a technology has been deployed, machine learning can also be used to analyze logs. AI tools can create test information, and examine the scope of information for better test management. In the future, it is possible to enable the software to change dynamically in response to errors without human intervention. Developers and testers don’t need to struggle with examining the executable files loaded with bugs & errors. It is easier for them to find bugs instantly and correct them.

AI programming assistants

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It provides timely suggestions and support when programmers are carrying out debugging exercises. The tool helps developers find related code examples, in addition to recommendations. This reduces the workload for becomes easier to develop software that is equipped with assistants guiding the users and managing their tasks daily effectively. It offers real-time support, recommends best practices, suggests relevant documents to read, measure the outcomes of the decisions, and manage the activities.

Automatic Code Generation

The AI system could generate codes by putting together some predefined modules. For some projects, we use some existing data that we can fetch using the scripts. This saves a lot of time for coders and helps them code for the application much faster.

Data Security

Software security is a crucial property that you can’t overlook during development. The system generally collects data from network sensors and software installed on the customer end. AI enables you to investigate the data using machine learning to distinguish irregularities from normal behaviors.

Wrapping up

However, for the coming years, Machine language and AI will be part of the software as a service package (SaaS) as well. AI-based tools help to develop and deliver a more reliable product. AI's impact on software development, automated testing, Automatic Analytics, and bug detection tools use AI the most to improve software development.

Professionals who are worried because of the transforming nature of their roles need to continuously upskill to stay relevant in the business and align their career with the changing market scenario.