How to get more comments for your WordPress blog
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How to get more comments for your WordPress blog

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

If you are new to blogging, have you ever been wondering why no one leaves comment on your blog even if you put everything you have into your post, publish it, then promote the post?

In this post, I’ll share how to start getting more comments on your WordPress blog.

1) Write content that deserves comments

Publishing relevant content is an important factor. Try to fill your blog with content that people are likely to read and share.

2) Know your readers and subscribers

Write posts for your readers and subscribers. Know their interests and prepare posts focusing their likes.

3) Allow users to subscribe to comments

Keep in mind that a good fraction of the visitors of your blog will probably never come back again. Providing an option for users to subscribe to comments and your blog can pave the way to turn visitors as subscribers or readers.

4) Respond to comments

You should never forget to respond to comments and encourage more conversations. This is essential to get more comments and grow your blog.

5) Use comment moderation

Comment moderation will not only help you to keep your blog safe from spam but will also help you to engage with your readers. Keeping spam comments will give a bad impression to blog readers.

6) Contribute to other blogs

Contributing to other blogs is one of the best ways to attract more readers to your blog. This includes taking part in discussions or post comments on other blogs and websites.

7) Your WordPress hosting

Make sure that your site does not take much time to load. A good fraction of visitors will leave your website if your site takes too much time to load.

Consider moving to a better WordPress hosting provider if the hosting can’t handle the load.