Setting up environment to develop ASP .NET Core apps
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Setting up environment to develop ASP .NET Core apps

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

In this post, we’ll learn how to set up the environment to develop ASP .NET core applications.

Setting up the environment

Download Visual Studio

To develop ASP .NET Core applications, we should install the latest version of Visual Studio. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Visual Studio 2017 Community version. You can use Visual Studio 2015 or 2019 which is the latest version of Visual Studio at the time of writing this post.

To download Visual studio, Visit this link.

You can also download older versions from here.

Run the Installer

After downloading Visual Studio, run the installer. If you are trying to install Visual Studio 2017 or newer, you will see a window to choose workloads.

Make sure that you have selected ASP .NET Web Development and .NET Core Cross-Platform development.

Click Install.

It will take some time to complete the installation depending on the speed of your network.

If you are running a low-end computer, you can try using the Core CLI to develop applications.