What is ASP .NET Core
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What is ASP .NET Core

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

ASP .NET Core is a new cross-platform and open-source web development framework developed by Microsoft.

Difference between ASP .NET and ASP .NET Core

ASP .NET core is not a continuation of ASP .NET. It’s a whole new framework written from ground. The main difference between .NET and .NET Core is that this new framework is Open-source and Platform Independent.

As ASP .NET Core is a complete rewrite of the .NET framework, System.web is not used.

ASP.NET Core is faster in development and deployment because it works on a file system. So, when some changes are made to the code, it is compiled automatically in the background and the application is automatically updated. So, there is no need to refresh the browser.

Also, you can use CLI to develop .NET Core applications. This allows you to develop applications in any text editor.

Features of ASP .NET Core

  • Open-source
  • Platform Independent.
  • Built-in dependency injection.
  • Applications using Microservices.
  • Side-by-side app versioning when targeting .NET Core.
  • Easy integration with modern client-side frameworks such as Angular and React Js.