WordPress user roles and permissions

WordPress user roles and permissions

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

If you are planning to create a WordPress site with multiple contributors and users, it’s a need to assign them different roles and permissions. Luckily WordPress comes with 5 different roles to help you to control users of your website.

WordPress user roles

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber


Administrator holds the key to the WordPress castle. It is the most powerful user role. An administrator can add or remove users, change their roles, passwords and other details.

Admins can also manage plugins, upload or delete medias. It is not good to have many administrators for your website.


An editor will have full control over the contents of a website. They can create, edit or delete posts, medias and comments.

Editors cannot change crucial settings the website. They cannot install, update or delete plugins, add or remove other users nor can they edit any details of other users.

Editors can publish or manage posts or pages made by them or other users.


Users with the role as an Author can create, update, publish or delete their own posts. Users with this role cannot do anything with the post or pages made by other users.

Authors can neither create a page nor edit a pages. They can also manage media files which they have added. In addition, Authors can manage comments on their own posts.


Users assigned as a contributor can post and edit their posts but they do not have the permission to publish or delete them. They cannot upload or manage media files. All posts made by a contributor will be published by users with more privileges.

Contributors cannot manage comments for their posts. They cannot add or remove tags to their posts.


This role is assigned if you require users to login for posting or deleting comments. Subscribers cannot post or modify any posts or pages.

Super Admin – A special role

Super Admin is a special WordPress user role. The super Admin role is assigned to multi-site owners so that they can manage all their websites. They will have all permissions of an Administrator.