Blazor Tutorial | Getting Started With Blazor
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Blazor Tutorial | Getting Started With Blazor

Mishel Shaji
Mishel Shaji

Blazor is an Open Source, single-page web application development framework developed by Microsoft. Unlike other frameworks like Angular, React, and VueJs, Blazor allows you to write and run C# code in web browsers through web assembly. In this tutorial, Blazor Tutorial for Beginners, we'll learn about Blazor from the beginning to advanced level.

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to create and deploy single page applications using Blazor.

This tutorial is divided into several sections and chapters. A link the download the project or source code is added at the beginning of each chapters. You can download this source code and use it for reference.

I'll be adding more chapters and sections to this tutorial over the next few days.

Section 1 - Get started

  1. Get Started With Blazor - In this chapter, we'll have an Introduction to Blazor and we'll install and set-up all the requirements needed to create a Blazor application.
  2. Introduction to Razor syntax - Razor is a programming syntax used to create dynamic web pages using C sharp or VB. We should be familiar with the Razor syntax to create Blazor apps.
  3. Introduction to components - Components are the building blocks of a Blazor application. A component can be a small button, a forum, a navigation bar, or an entire section of a web page. In this chapter, we'll learn about different types of components and how to create and display components.
  4. Passing data to components - Components should be able to accept or pass data to other components of the application. This post demonstrates how we can pass data to a child component in Blazor.